Why eFulfilment?


Looking for the perfect formula for successful eBusiness activities?



We deliver not only the recipe, but the also the hand-picked ingredients you will need:

State-of-the-art technology and a solution-oriented overview which turns individual components into your commercial success.


  • Vollintegration aller Vertriebskanäle (eShops, Marktplätze und Filialen)
  • Erhöhung des Automatisierungsgrades der Prozesse über das zentrale Order Management System
  • Übersichtlicher Zugriff auf alle auftragsbezogenen Daten durch das CRM Modul
  • Verringerung des Ausfallrisikos und Automatisierung der nachgelagerten Prozesse
  • Vereinfachung der Logistikprozesse durch das integrierte Lagerverwaltungssystem
  • Optimierung der Laufwege bei der Kommissionierung
  • Intelligente Verarbeitung der Retouren zum schnellen Wiederverkauf
  • 150 bestehende Reports verschaffen Übersicht über alle relevanten Kennzahlen
  • Automatisierung des Lieferanten Managements mit effizienter Kosten- und Zeitsteuerung
  • Verringerung der Lagerkosten dank intelligenter Drop-Shipping-Steuerung
  • Integration in bestehende Systemlandschaften durch individuelle Anpassungen jederzeit möglich
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your advantage


You're searching for a comprehensive solution?

The efficient integration of processes and sales channels is essential to your existence in challenging markets. Ultimately, the success of your eBusiness activities lies in the perfect interplay of many individual parts. Yet it is precisely the small details that present a daily challenge: inventory bottlenecks, breakdowns in cross-channel order management or long delays in logistics — stumbling blocks you're no longer prepared to accept.

You need a powerful solution for:

  • Process optimisation for distance selling
  • Increased efficiency in dispatch
  • Implementation of multichannel commerce
  • Integration of retail branches
  • Connection of logistics




We provide a control centre for all the details

We know which details make the difference in eBusiness, and provide you with the right tools to successfully cope with even the most complex tasks. As an experienced partner, we'll support you in the optimisation and extension of your eBusiness infrastructure by providing state-of-the-art technologies: our eF|CommerceEngine serves as a comprehensive control centre for all trading processes, allowing you to deliver only the best at all times.

We can offer you:

  • Functions for cross-mapping of processes
  • Interfaces for seamless integration into your system environment
  • An intelligent control centre for all facets of multichannel commerce
  • A highly secure, high-availability middleware system
  • Close networking with partners and solution providers




Über 10 Jahre Commerce Erfahrung - die Funktionalität unserer Software

Functionality, integration, technology — these three pillars form a reliable foundation for a closed value chain in your business. Optimised processes and a high degree of automation ensure maximum efficiency, while at the same time our solution can increase the reach of your sales channels many times over. With eFulfilment by your side, you will open up the full potential of your eBusiness infrastructure while staying profitable and future-proof.

The eF|CommerceEngine lets you benefit from:

  • Efficient processes
  • Comprehensive multichannel functionality
  • A closed value chain
  • Seamless system integration thanks to open interfaces
  • Expansion of your sales channels
  • An optimal cost-benefit ratio
  • Maximum future-proofing of all your business and commercial operations




A reputation for successful collaboration

Your success is our success — we are proud of each and every customer we have been able to assist through the successful implementation of an eCommerce strategy. For over ten years, we have supported well-known companies from retail, shipping and logistics with our innovative spirit and drive. Valuable experiences that make us what we are today.

Your success is our success — we are proud to have supported many customers in the successful implementation of their eCommerce strategies — and we've done so for over 10 years. Valuable experiences that make us what we are today.



Many customers have already put their trust in the eF|CommerceEngine. Whether a retailer, pure player or logistics specialist, the eF|CommerceEngine is so flexible that it can fit into every individual customer scenario.

You'll find detailed reports about our customers under references.

Solutions for

Order management for efficient Multichannel commerce

Do you work in the field of distance selling and concentrate on eBusiness? Branch establishments are only of secondary importance for you or you do not have any?
Then our eBusiness order management system is perfect for you. It has been specially developed to meet the needs of Multichannel commerce and will help you greatly improve your workflows.

Optimal eBusiness through seamless and automated processes.

Then our eBusiness order management system is perfect for you. It has been specially developed to meet the needs of Multichannel commerce and will help you greatly improve your workflows. The eF|CommerceEngine as a Multichannel order management system offers you all the benefits of end-to-end, automated processes across a range of eChannels. With this Multichannel platform, it is a simple task to incorporate new online sales channels or optimise your existing integration solutions. However many sales channels you use, your administrative work will be reduced to a minimum.

Less work, more time.

Throughout the entire eBusiness process chain, our Multichannel order management system replaces all other add-on systems. The complexity that complicates your eBusiness operations is greatly reduced.
We tailor our eBusiness order management system to meet your precise requirements and the characteristics of your Multichannel operations. The use of bridging technologies becomes largely redundant, processes are automated and costs and effort are reduced. You gain more time to concentrate on your core business as eTailer.
We understand your eBusiness. Just ask us!

New sales channels in hybrid system environments.

As a brand manufacturer, you have a highly specific approach to the direct eBusiness channel (Direct2Consumer - D2C). We know and understand your business. We know that your main sales channels are not in the eBusiness sector but instead consist of B2B and wholesale operations. We will help you develop, optimise and implement your eCommerce strategy every step of the way.

Simple development and optimisation of the eBusiness direct channel.

he high level of standardisation of our eBusiness solution coupled with our many years of experience in working with brand manufacturers guarantee rapid implementation at calculable initial investment and operating costs. Our approach involves a series of different phases during which the solution can be adapted to changing circumstances at all times. We are well aware that successful D2C eBusiness is subject to a continuous process of change and optimisation. That is why we provide you with an eBusiness solution that never fails to rise to these challenges.

eBusiness solution for successful D2C eBusiness

Through the use of the eF|CommerceEngine to extend your eBusiness solution, we integrate new eChannels in your system environment – this involves no or only minimal adaptations to your existing systems. Our systems take over the task of coping with the entire complexity of your D2C eBusiness activities. If you wish, all your processes can be mapped within our eBusiness solution where they can be managed via the central control GUI.We will support you during both the introduction and the optimisation of your D2C eBusiness. And we will help you offer your customers perfect processes and an optimised purchasing experience. Just ask us!

eBusiness platform for successful Multichannel retailing

Modern consumers use a huge variety of shopping and information channels and approach you as negotiators with ever growing expectations concerning your services. This development makes one thing perfectly clear: The retailers who enjoy growth and success today are those who are able to adapt to their customers' Multichannel behaviours and expectations – with Multichannel Retailing (MCR).

The opportunity of eBusiness.

In parallel with your fixed retail activities, take advantage of the opportunities of eBusiness and find customers in a range of new locations and at every time of day! We will support you in this and, thanks to our eBusiness platform, make sure that the effort involved in developing your Multichannel business is kept to a barely perceived minimum. The eF|CommerceEngine networks your existing system of branches with your eBusiness activity and makes Multichannel Retailing (MCR) uncomplicated and versatile. Our innovative eBusiness platform works fully automatically throughout the entire eBusiness process chain: from central article data maintenance through comprehensive order management and on to the handling of your follow-up processes.

Flexible networking of the bricks and mortar business with new eChannels.

With the eF|CommerceEngine, we will optimally integrate new eSales channels with your existing fixed business so that you too can benefit from the unceasing increase in eBusiness turnover. Our eBusiness platform gives you fully integrated access to your branches via the existing branch ERP system. On request, our eBusiness platform can also control your eCommerce stocks.Whatever form your MCR strategy takes, our eBusiness platform will provide you with exactly the support you need. Just ask us!

Fast, reliable, versatile.

Faster. Higher. Further. eBusiness is demanding - especially when it comes to logistics!
Order processes are running ever faster, delivery commitments are ever more ambitious and the demands that consumers place on sellers are enormous. Logistics is a crucial component determining the success of eBusiness operations. As a logistics specialist, you work in a world moving at breathtaking speed. With us and the eF|CommerceEngine, you'll always be one of the front-runners.

eF|CommerceEngine for fulfilment and logistics

Thanks to the use of the eF|CommerceEngine, you can decouple your existing systems (e.g. WMS, MMS, ERP) completely from the special characteristics and high speed of change involved in eBusiness. This makes you more flexible, cuts the integration times for new customers, reduces your IT complexity and ensures increased transparency and process stability.

Speed based on decoupling eBusiness and legacy systems.

Our systems are used by a large number of high-performance logistics companies and fulfilment service providers. Are you interested? We would be delighted to discuss your needs!

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One Platform

Control all your eCommerce applications with a single platform

Make the eF|CommerceEngine the heart of your eBusiness activities: as a comprehensive control centre it combines all relevant commercial, shipping and logistics processes in a single system.

Our middleware solution enables you to seamlessly integrate critical management functions for multichannel sales, order management, customer service, shipping and logistics. Since our solution automates numerous eBusiness processes and includes crosschannel mapping, you save valuable resources when controlling your internal processes. This means you can fully concentrate on the essentials: the strategic development of your trading activities.

Are you looking for support in implementing your individual eBusiness strategy? We will be happy to explain in a personal interview how your company can benefit from the eF|CommerceEngine's wide range of functions.

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satisfied customers



Our partners

Your solution providers — our partners

"Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress; working together is success" — we embody what Henry Ford so vividly described: by working closely with your solution providers and our partners we create the conditions for successful eBusiness projects. And this applies from your first ever eCommerce idea right through to the launch of your online store.

Working hand-in-hand for your success

To ensure we are able to implement the strategy that best suits your business, we enrich our core competence — the provision and development of a powerful middleware platform — with the expertise of experienced partners. By working hand-in-hand with eCommerce agencies, sales specialists and technology providers, we increase our capacity to implement your individual goals.

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Who we are?

eFulfilment office building

eFulfilment Transaction Services GmbH
was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Then as now, as eBusiness specialists we remain fully dedicated to serving traders, brand manufacturers and logistics providers. Through the continuous development of intelligent state-of-the-art technologies, we provide all the features necessary to bring you eCommerce success.

The heart of our company is the eF|CommerceEngine (eF|CE) — this powerful middleware serves as a control centre for your cross-selling and multichannel activities and helps to optimise your processes for a seamless workflow.

We believe the key to success lies in seamless integration. Therefore, thanks to our platform's remarkable open nature, even external systems and third-party solutions can be quickly and efficiently embedded into your infrastructure.



The eFulfilment platform becomes the eF|CommerceEngine


The service portfolio of eFulfilment has expanded greatly over the years. Taking this into account, eFulfilment will in future market its technology... mehr »

Collaboration between Rakuten Deutschland and eFulfilment


New interface ensures flexible data synchronisation and high sales volumes for connected online retailers mehr »

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Our team

Our spirit of innovation combines the many facets of our capabilities into a whole, a credo that inspires each and every one of our employees, whose qualities are as varied as the challenges we face together.

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Our philosophy

Our success thrives on professionalism, dedication and a clear commitment to cooperation. Only through close collaboration and respect for each individual's achievements can we fulfil the demanding expectations of our customers.

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Our future

The foundation for our success lies in the expertise of our employees — a valuable asset that we promote and expand continuously. Ultimately, one thing is clear: only by moving forward together can we pave the way to a promising future.


eBusiness simple

We make your eBusiness simple

eBusiness software for uncomplicated and flexible Multichannelling

With our eBusiness software, you can sell wherever you like. Simple.
The innovative eF|CommerceEngine is a specially developed eBusiness software package for combining and managing eCommerce processes in a simple and automated way. No matter how many sales channels you are operating - your administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

Our software works fully automatically throughout the entire eBusiness process chain: from central article data administration via universal order management to the processing of your follow-on processes. Powerful Multichannel modules integrate high-volume third-party sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Zalando, Rakuten, Otto or Shopgate and incorporate specialist retailers and branches (MCR) if required.

Ever since 2004 we have been concentrating on reducing the complexity of eBusiness processes and systems to a minimum and making the management of different eBusiness processes as simple as possible.

We create excellent and innovative eBusiness processes for traders, brand manufacturers and logisticians. You too can build your success on the tried and tested eF|CommerceEngine.

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