With competence and passion

eBusiness is more than our core competence. It is our passion.
Everyday, we concentrate on reducing the complexity of eBusiness to a minimum and dismantling technological barriers. Our eF|CommerceEngine offers the most innovative platform for implementing and optimising logistic and eBusiness processes across systems.

We have enshrined the principles and objectives behind our work in a mission statement. We are committed to our daily business being guided by its definition of our company, our work and the future.

Our mission statement

1. We concentrate on our core competencies but don't lose sight in the process of the wider picture for related areas.
2. We see ourselves as an innovative company that likes to break new ground.
3. We see our customers as partners with whom we wish to learn and for whom we will always be a reliable and constant companion.
4. We offer our customers considerable added value based on well thought through solutions and customised consultancy.
5. We create software of the highest quality prone to the minimum of errors - underpinned with extensive tests.
6. All of us feel committed to our own products' innovation and make our contribution to that end.
7. In our customers' eyes, we want to rank among the best and most innovative suppliers.
8. Our dealings with one another and with our partners are characterised by respect, openness, honesty and tolerance.
9. We think and act entrepreneurially.
10. We implement better ideas better than our competitors do.
11. We love processes.