A Multichannel system for any sales channel

The following platforms are fully supported by the eF|CommerceEngine:

Multichannel and Multichannel Retailing made simple like never before

The eF|CommerceEngine makes Multichannelling and Multichannel Retailing (MCT) uncomplicated and flexible. The design of our eBusiness software as a mature Multichannel system enables the complete integration of any sales channel.
As the number of sales platforms, and thus sales opportunities via various channels is permanently increasing, we concentrate on especially established and thus high volume channels. High sales volume third-party channels such as Amazon, eBay, Plus.de, Otto or Shopgate are included by powerful Multichannel modules. In addition to the new “eSales channels”, our Multichannel software also of course supports the incorporation of store-based retailing into eBusiness and vice versa. Specialist retailers and branches can also easily be integrated for efficient Multichannel Retailing.

Fully integrated eChannels for less effort

The comprehensive integration of all channels along with the mapping and automatic handling of all processes within the Multichannel software enables you to manage even the largest ranges (even more than 500,000 articles simultaneously) and order volumes easily and efficiently.
In the process, our Multichannel system takes full account of and supports individual channel specifics. Typical problem areas encountered with competing sales via several channels - e.g. discrepancies between product descriptions, differing customer communication, divergent processes for each channel - are solved as is the required, complex inventory management for the automated avoidance of over purchasing.
The automation of all import and export processes via interfaces renders manual intervention superfluous, reducing costs and mistakes. As far as possible, orders are processed automatically, ideally completely so, and forwarded to logistics; so-called manual “following-up” of orders is redundant.

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Links with other platforms are already being planned/implemented.