Versatile solutions for trading and shipping

The opportunities in modern commerce are as diverse as the challenges your business has to master every day. To fully exploit commercial potential, you therefore need a powerful yet fully adaptive infrastructure. The eF|CommerceEngine provides you with maximum flexibility so you always have access to the tools you need to trade successfully. With the eF|CommerceEngine, we deliver solutions for trading and distribution scenarios across a wide range of areas, from online, mail-order and retail to brand manufacturers and the logistics sector.

Sector-based solutions

for online traders

Do you successfully sell via one or more online stores and want to be active on eBay and Amazon? The eF|CommerceEngine offers the ideal solution.

The eF|CommerceEngine includes a large number of ready-to-use interfaces to online marketplaces. You also benefit from the comprehensive eCommerce features which the eF|CE provides.

for brands and manufacturers

As a brand manufacturer, you have a highly specific approach to the direct eBusiness channel (Direct2Consumer - D2C). We know and understand your business. We know that your main sales channels are not in the eCommerce sector but instead consist of B2B and wholesale operations.

We will help you develop, optimise and implement your eCommerce strategy every step of the way.

for retailers

Consumers use a wide range of on- and offline shopping and information channels, harbouring ever increasing expectations of your services across all channels.

Make your stocks in the branch store available online; show customers where they can view your goods directly; or accept returns in one of your shops — these are just some of the opportunities for cross-channel commerce with the eF|CommerceEngine.

for logistics specialists

Faster. Higher. Further. eBusiness is demanding — especially when it comes to logistics!

Order processes are running ever faster, delivery commitments are ever more ambitious and the demands that consumers place on sellers are enormous. Logistics is a crucial component determining the success of eBusiness operations.

As a logistics specialist, you work in a world moving at breathtaking speed. With us and the eF|CommerceEngine, you'll always be one of the front-runners.

Multichannel commerce

The eF|CommerceEngine redefines multichannel by integrating all sales channels. We'll help you to combine everything into a central platform — from your own online stores and marketplaces to traditional sales channels such as call centres, mail-order catalogues and retail branches.

Branch stores and cross-channel commerce

Traditional distributors in retail branches are becoming active online, while internet traders are recognising the added value generated by the customer's presence at a retail site. The eF|CommerceEngine provides all the features you need for a successful approach to cross-channel commerce.



B2B commerce

With the eF|CommerceEngine, serving your business customers is just as convenient as serving consumers. In addition, you're able to meet B2B customers' expectations for the extra convenience of an eProcurement solution.

Shipping and logistics

The eF|CommerceEngine enables you to optimise your processes for logistics and shipping — even at very high volumes. Our solution supports order management across all sales channels and ensures optimised processes in your warehouses.