for brands. New sales channels in hybrid system environments.

eBusiness solution for successful D2C eBusiness

As a brand manufacturer, you have a highly specific approach to the direct eBusiness channel (Direct2Consumer - D2C). We know and understand your business. We know that your main sales channels are not in the eBusiness sector but instead consist of B2B and wholesale operations. We will help you develop, optimise and implement your eCommerce strategy every step of the way.

The high level of standardisation of our eBusiness solution coupled with our many years of experience in working with brand manufacturers guarantee rapid implementation at calculable initial investment and operating costs. Our approach involves a series of different phases during which the solution can be adapted to changing circumstances at all times. We are well aware that successful D2C eBusiness is subject to a continuous process of change and optimisation. That is why we provide you with an eBusiness solution that never fails to rise to these challenges.


Through the use of the eF|CommerceEngine to extend your eBusiness solution, we integrate new eChannels in your system environment – this involves no or only minimal adaptations to your existing systems. Our systems take over the task of coping with the entire complexity of your D2C eBusiness activities. If you wish, all your processes can be mapped within our eBusiness solution where they can be managed via the central control GUI.

We will support you during both the introduction and the optimisation of your D2C eBusiness. And we will help you offer your customers perfect processes and an optimised purchasing experience. Just ask us!

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