for retailers. The opportunity of eBusiness.

eBusiness platform for successful Multichannel retailing

Modern consumers use a huge variety of shopping and information channels and approach you as negotiators with ever growing expectations concerning your services. This development makes one thing perfectly clear: The retailers who enjoy growth and success today are those who are able to adapt to their customers' Multichannel behaviours and expectations – with Multichannel Retailing (MCR).

In parallel with your fixed retail activities, take advantage of the opportunities of eBusiness and find customers in a range of new locations and at every time of day! We will support you in this and, thanks to our eBusiness platform, make sure that the effort involved in developing your Multichannel business is kept to a barely perceived minimum. The eF|CommerceEngine networks your existing system of branches with your eBusiness activity and makes Multichannel Retailing (MCR) uncomplicated and versatile. Our innovative eBusiness platform works fully automatically throughout the entire eBusiness process chain: from central article data maintenance through comprehensive order management and on to the handling of your follow-up processes.


With the eF|CommerceEngine, we will optimally integrate new eSales channels with your existing fixed business so that you too can benefit from the unceasing increase in eBusiness turnover. Our eBusiness platform gives you fully integrated access to your branches via the existing branch ERP system. On request, our eBusiness platform can also control your eCommerce stocks.

Whatever form your MCR strategy takes, our eBusiness platform will provide you with exactly the support you need. Just ask us!

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