The eF|CommerceEngine combines all trade, shipping, warehouse and logistics processes in one central system. Thanks to its modular design, the engine adapts itself to precisely suit existing systems and individual needs. Our solution works in all conceivable scenarios: for brand manufacturers, retail traders or logistics companies. Our sales channels work across all distribution channels, B2C and B2B, cross and multi-channel.

The engine integrates all processes, creating an automation rate of over 90 per cent. In addition, it also reduces the risks: the engine's proven early warning system ensures that faults in the various processes are prevented at an early stage. Internal processes thus become easier and better. This not only increases your throughput without incurring additional costs, but also allows you to concentrate on your core business — the strategic development of your trading activities.

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The eF|CommerceEngine eliminates the need for further dispatch processing systems - Our engine significantly optimises and automates your processes. We tailor the functions of our solution exactly to your individual multi-channel challenges. And thanks to our engine's distinctive API, there is hardly any need for complicated bridge technologies. Protect your resources: our solution gives you more time to concentrate on your core business.

eBusiness solution for successful D2C eBusiness

Through the use of the eF|CommerceEngine to extend your eBusiness solution, we integrate new eChannels in your system environment – this involves no or only minimal adaptations to your existing systems. Our systems take over the task of coping with the entire complexity of your D2C eBusiness activities. If you wish, all your processes can be mapped within our eBusiness solution where they can be managed via the central control GUI.We will support you during both the introduction and the optimisation of your D2C eBusiness. And we will help you offer your customers perfect processes and an optimised purchasing experience. Just ask us!

Flexible networking of the bricks and mortar business with new eChannels

With the eF|CommerceEngine, we will optimally integrate new eSales channels with your existing fixed business so that you too can benefit from the unceasing increase in eBusiness turnover. Our eBusiness platform gives you fully integrated access to your branches via the existing branch ERP system. On request, our eBusiness platform can also control your eCommerce stocks.Whatever form your MCR strategy takes, our eBusiness platform will provide you with exactly the support you need. Just ask us!

Speed based on decoupling eBusiness and legacy systems

Our systems are used by a large number of high-performance logistics companies and fulfilment service providers.
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We would be pleased to assist you personally with the implementation of your tailor-made e-business strategy, and to advise you on how you can benefit from the eF|CommerceEngine. Tel. +49 (0) 7141 24228 -01

Elbenwald has grown into a renowned trading company with numerous web shops, a Germany-wide branch network, offline dispatch via print catalogue and an exclusive licensing business for merchandising products. The eF|CommerceEngine supports the company continuously with all of this.
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Keller Sports has been working with the multi-channel solution from eFulfilment Transactions Services GmbH since 2011, and thus benefits from our automated e-business processes. Thanks to the eF|CommerceEngine (eF|CE), day-to-day workflows are carried out largely without manual intervention, leaving Keller Sports free to focus on individual consulting when opening up new markets.
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KODi Diskontläden GmbH connects around 240 branches and its own online shop using the eF|CommerceEngine to create a cross-channel retail ecosystem.
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PICARD has become a multichannel trader and has also integrated its fixed partners. The PICARD online shop was launched in January 2012 on the company's website at and includes a range of around 1,000 PICARD products. Providing there is sufficient capacity, the orders received online are serviced by authorised brick-and-mortar retailers.
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We are one of the leading software vendors when it comes to commerce software, process optimisation and system integration. In 2004 we founded eFulfilment Transaction Services GmbH in Ludwigsburg. Our proprietary SaaS application is constantly being expanded and adapted to meet the changing requirements of the market.

We rely equally on our extensive experience and the knowledge we gain from our customers and their requirements. The heart of our company is the eF|CommerceEngine, a powerful middleware solution. It combines commercial functionality and system integration, and is the ideal switchboard for all of our customers' cross and multi-channel activities, since it allows all processes to be optimised across the entire system.



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