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With a range of over 12,000 products, Cottbus-based Elbenwald GmbH is among the leading European providers of fantasy products. The foundations for Elbenwald’s success were laid back in 2000: The Lord of the Rings shop was the response by the company's three founders – Dirk Wiedenhaupt, Jens Geppert and Alexander Lapeta – to the growing demand for exclusive fan items from film, television, comics and video games.

eF|CommerceEngine as a central switching hub for various trading and logistics processes

Items from the Elbenwald range can be found on large-scale marketplaces such as Amazon and ebay as well as via traditional sales channels. All of these channels converge at the headquarters and at the logistics centre in Cottbus. Commercial success did also bring strategic and technological challenges with it. The need for a powerful, highly scalable multi-channel solution through which a number of online shops, marketplaces, branches and warehouses could be uniformly managed became ever more significant.




„The eF|CommerceEngine has made a significant contribution
to our ability to have grown without adversity and to our
continued future growth.

Dirk Wiedenhaupt
Founder & Managing Director


eBusiness automation without performance limitations

The growing significance of multi-channel management resulted in a clear-cut decision: The business required a central control room that would bring together the vast array of different trading and logistic processes. In this regard, the decisive criteria for such a system were speed, performance capability and the greatest possible degree of automation. Elbenwald seized the opportunity and realised a complete restructuring of internal processes by replacing the self-hosted ERP system with the eF|CommerceEngine (eF|CE). Processes in purchasing and bookkeeping were recorded, evaluated and re-drafted. An extensive migration of all important item and offer data was also carried out. A complex plan which was able to be successfully implemented thanks to the close cooperation between us and Elbenwald.

Connection of all sales channels

The CommerceEngine is capable of seamlessly depicting the complex processes of the trader: All sales channels and subsections of the Elbenwald supply chain are connected to the engine – beginning with the warehouses and logistics specialists and extending to the online shops, marketplaces, branches and payment providers. Elbenwald uses the multi-channel module of the eF|CE to close to its full potential: This is where relevant data such as sales, warehouse inventories as well as dispatch and payment information is pooled together. Individual processes such as dispatch control or returns management are also merged and managed uniformly.

Equipped for the future

Elbenwald's order quantities have multiplied considerably since the start of 2000 as have turnover and warehouse inventory. Employee numbers grew at the same time. Furthermore, there are seasonal peak periods such as Christmas or big blockbuster premières which on average see an eightfold rise in order volumes. The Engine is still today the key interface between all sales channels, warehouses and customer support. The high degree of automation in trading processes has literally proven to be the engine for the business: Since 2011, the eF|CE has been driving forward with creating the requisite logistical foundation for the expansion of new stores and, at the same time, giving an even greater boost to the online business.



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