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Ludwig Görtz GmbH, one of the leading German shoe retailers, is ensuring a high level of performance in their new online shop and seamless multi-channel processes using  eF|CommerceEngine (eF|CE) as the central order management system. The rateil company also achieves shorter delivery times and a significantly higher availability of goods for all channels.

Görtz expands multi-channel expertise

Within this new infrastructure, eF|CommerceEngine serves as the key hub for all sales-related data such as items, prices, inventories and orders. The engine thus controls not only the exchange between the online shop and the internal order, dispatch and payment systems but also integrates the branches in the newly defined ordering and logistics processes.









"One of the key strengths of the eF|CommerceEngine
is its high degree of interoperability which enables seamless integration within established processes."

Managing Director of
Sales, Marketing & E-Commerce


Görtz also restructured their entire logistics division with the launch of their new Internet presence in August 2015. Whereas the online shop and the logistics for online dispatch were previously operated by an external full service provider, these processes are, in future, to be integrated at Görtz and be mapped out in their own infrastructure. One argument in favor of this realignment was the goal of being able to run the offline and the online channel from their own central warehouse. New features such as click&collect or the acceptance of returns at the branches also underline the enhanced multi-channel focus at Görtz. In the selection of a powerful process engine, which was intended to integrate all important processes and systems from e-commerce and cross-channel trade with each other, the final decision was to opt for the eF|CommerceEngine.

Extensive multi-channel functionalities

A distinction is made between two order types in Görtz's online shop: Orders, which are received by means of a customer order via the online shop and are delivered directly to the customer, and orders, which are triggered by an employee at a branch terminal. These orders come into the CommerceEngine via a separate sales channel. The option of a branch reservation for online shop customers using the check&reserve option is a further cross-channel feature of the new trading infrastructure at Görtz. This allows you to check inventories at your chosen branch via the online shop and to make a reservation at the branch. A corresponding order is then forwarded directly to the Engine and onwards from there to the merchandise management system. In order to process the reservation orders, the employees at the respective branch gain direct access to the order overview.

High performance level in the shop

With the integration of iShop, the basic system for Görtz’s online shop, we have developed an architecture that can meet the clearly defined, high performance requirements of the trading company even during peak loads. As the complete inventory data is made available in the CommerceEngine and is only queried by an extremely leanly designed shop when there is a concrete need, decidedly quick response times and a high performance level were able to be realized.

Tried and tested processes are optimized seamlessly

One of the key strengths of the Engine is its high degree of interoperability which enables seamless integration within established processes. At Görtz, this feature is particularly important in logistics: As the central order management system, the CommerceEngine manages all of the orders received from the online shop. As soon as authorization is given, the Engine forwards the order directly to the pick system on hand. Thanks to this approach, Görtz did not have to restructure the existing and successfully established processes in the warehouse – the picker, just as in the past, works according to his/her familiar processes for commissioning goods. As soon as picking has concluded, the eF|CE reassumes control of the subsequent dispatch tasks such as the printing of the dispatch label and dispatch note as well as the final dispatch authorization.

Customer-oriented payment methods connect the sales channels

In addition to the commissioning of a new payment service provider by Görtz and an external credit check, the eF|CommerceEngine integrates a general limit check in the payment risk evaluation of the trading company. The GMCE is a special element of the payment infrastructure. This is a tool developed by Görtz was specially designed for managing customer cards, gift cards and vouchers. The CommerceEngine regards GMCE as its own payment method whereby the customer can be offered combined payment models: He/she can either pay entirely with his/her gift card or in combination with other payment methods such as PayPal or credit card and redeem additional voucher codes for discounted prices.



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